GoodBye to Brink’s Home Security – Hello to FrontPoint

The rumors are true. Brink’s home security has been absolved by ADT. In fact it was actually in 2010 that Brink’s was bought out by the Home Security Tyrant, and the industry has really not been the same since. Individuals who once trusted Brink’s for their home security needs have been left high and dry or even WORSE, stuck with lackluster service from ADT. Many of their customers are currently in the market for alternative home security service providers because they are immensely unhappy with ADT, with good reason too. If you read any online consumer reviews ADT has an atrocious reputation for providing low-quality negligent service to their customers once they subscribe. However, there is still hope for the home security business as new small companies see this as an open invitation from ADT to steal away their unhappy clients:

FrontPoint Security is a new company that is doing just that by providing reputable high-end service that cannot be compared to any other company currently in operation to date. Some are even calling FrontPoint Security, the “New Brink’s” as their name is becoming increasingly well known for high end products, and amazing customer service at an astonishingly affordable rate.

If you do your customer research on FrontPoint Security you will find nothing less then a 5 Star rating anywhere. This is because they are dedicated to what they do, and are going above and beyond to amend the bad reputation that home security sellers have gotten in the last few years. In an effort to win over their client base, FrontPoint Security currently offers a 30-day no hassle trial period that is absolutely free.

Brinks may have been renown for their amazing dedication to customer service, an area where ADT continues to struggle, however newer home security companies such as FrontPoint have begun to emerge to bring back the good name in high-quality home security. In fact the New York Times boldly referred to FrontPoint as “the biggest up and coming player in the home security industry” while Fox titled them “the leader in wireless home security”.

Online you can find hundreds of rave reviews from real customers. It appears to be that FrontPoint is positioned to overtake the industry within a few short years. Call a FrontPoint customer service representative now, or instantly obtain a quote online.

Overview of FrontPoint Features:

Amazingly Knowledgeable

Customer Service

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Free FedEx delivery

Wireless GE Security Equipment and Hardware

Cellular Accessibility Monitoring (text, video feed, notifications etc.)

Environmental monitoring at NO EXTRA COST

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